Actual Corporation

No. 19, Basement, Behind. V.S.Hospital, Near EllisBridge Post Office, Shreeji Complex, Ellis Bridge

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 Actualcorp came to life in 2009, when name and fellow classmate from IIT Kanpur abc came together to revolutionize business telephony in India. It was a time when expensive and archaic on-premise telephone systems dominated business telephony for the few that could afford it. Small and medium enterprises who did not want to make such investments on infrastructure had to contend with complex and manual routing of their incoming call volume. Actualcorp came to life to solve this fundamental problem and enable business telephony solutions for ALL. A garage start-up to a billion dollar empire can take advantage of the awesome benefits of hosted cloud telephony services. It is cost effective and enables a suite of awesome features (professional call handling, detailed call logs, CRM integration to name a few) that actually improve business processes. If you are wondering how we coined Actualcorp, let us break it down for you! A highly literate classmate of the founders proposed the confluence of "Knowledge" and "Singularity" to create Actualcorp :) We believe that cloud telephony accelerates the progression of knowledge to achieve technological singularity. The impact of cloud telephony is limitless in aiding and improving business processes for organizations of all sizes. We have come a long way in the short time we have been around growing to several hundred colleagues operating out of nearly 20 locations in India and abroad. We have also been fortunate to be recognized by several leading start-up forums and publications for the impact we have had in improving the life of small and medium enterprises in India. We are proud to be an Indian born start-up destined to serve global markets in the space of business cloud telephony. If you want to learn more about us, please do not hesitate to email us at info@Actualcorp!!!

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Actual Corporation

Milap Vyas
No. 19, Basement, Behind. V.S.Hospital, Near EllisBridge Post Office, Shreeji Complex, Ellis Bridge
Ahmedabad, 380006
[email protected]

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